Training Plans: Female Physique

Dieting is all about being consistent, consistency speeds up your metabolism which then will help burn stored fat as energy. Taking Lean-Force fat burners in the morning with a good intake of clean food and High Performance Whey Protein powder at set intervals, will keep your metabolism fast and the fat loss to its optimum.

For snacks just have a handful of nuts, (Brazil, Macadamia, Walnuts) but don't eat anything else in between meals. Try and stick to eating on your time slots,then your body with naturally start to get hungry near to the next meal, which isn't a bad thing, this just mean your metabolism is getting quicker.

Stay focused and consistent, this will get you your results.

8:00BREAKFAST: Lean-Force, 1 whole egg, brown toast
or porridge with High Performance protein
11:0032g High Performance Whey protein
2:00150-200g Chicken, 32g rice (uncooked)
18:0032g High Performance Whey protein
20:30Dinner 150g chicken small jacket potato salad or veg & salmon fillet
23:0032g High Performance Whey Protein (if hungry)
On training days we suggest High Performance Whey immediately after training.